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BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford

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The Right Balance Of Health and Beauty

Dr. Landon Pryor dedicated his career to finding the best surgical and non-surgical treatments to deliver life-changing transformations to his patients, while still putting wellness first. 

A triple board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Pryor Health Plastic Surgery, Medical Spa, Wellness, and Skin Care, Dr. Pryor believes each patient’s aesthetic journey should revolve around three core elements that are equally important: look good, feel good, and be good! 

By blending rigorous ethical standards, a non-stop work ethic, and a watchful eye on innovations in the craft of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Pryor ensures that the patients who trust their bodies to Pryor Health receive the right treatments to meet their needs. Finding the right balance of health and beauty is critical for all patients, but it takes on a new significance when helping those suffering from ailments like BII.


“I have also worked to provide world-class skin care products and wellness services that are second to none. Bringing these all together, my primary goal is to help you look good, feel good and be good!

We carefully guide our clients through their aesthetic journey with our office. Whether they need cosmetic surgery or a non-invasive treatment, we make sure they receive the compassionate and customized care they deserve.”

Dr. Landon Pryor, FACS

Founder, President & CEO, Plastic Surgeon

BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford
BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford

The Support You Deserve

The Breast Implant Illness Centers of Excellence

Established by Dr. Landon Pryor, a triple-board certified plastic surgeon, BII Centers of Excellence help patients facing breast implant illness find providers who will take their concerns seriously, deliver quality care, and help them achieve their healthiest and most fulfilling lives.

Doctors who receive the BII Center of Excellence designation understand that the health decisions related to BII should not be taken lightly. This is why each of our providers strives to treat each patient with compassion and empathy, operating under the premise that no one knows your body better than you. When you come to a BII Center of Excellence, you can rest assured that your concerns will be met with genuine empathy and a high level of care from a knowledgeable medical aesthetic provider.

BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford

Patient Guidance

BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford

BII Centers of Excellence

The BII Centers of Excellence Story

Serving as the inspiration for BII Centers of Excellence, Laura Bowden’s experience with Breast Implant Illness has become an example of the condition’s impact and a source of relatability for patients struggling to find the attentive, empathetic care they deserve. Following breast augmentation, Laura became deathly ill. When she sought care for her condition, her concerns were met with disbelief, and she was left feeling abandoned and afraid that she would never have the opportunity to reclaim her health. Ultimately, she had an epiphany that prompted her to remove her implants and restore her healthy, fulfilling, and enjoyable life.

Triple fellowship-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Landon Pryor was so compelled by Laura’s experience that he established BII Centers of Excellence to support patients with stories like Laura’s. As a renowned wellness-focused plastic surgeon, Dr. Pryor’s oversight ensures that every BII Centers of Excellence-certified provider operates with profound, genuine care for their patients’ safety and well-being.

Laura’s story has been at the forefront of BII patient advocacy for more than 30 years, fighting for warnings for patients considering breast implants and resources for those with undiagnosed symptoms following breast augmentation. Through this effort, Dr. Landon Pryor and Laura Bowden provide BII patients with exceptional support and expertise to make their healing journeys easier.

Learn More About Dr. Landon PryorBII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford Learn More About Laura BowdenBII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford
BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford

You Are Not Alone.

Whole-Patient Care From Providers Who Understand

At BII Centers of Excellence, your health is not up for debate. Despite reports from countless patients who have suffered from Breast Implant Illness firsthand, there are still doctors who deny that implants can adversely affect your overall health and severely compromise your quality of life. Unfortunately, far too many patients share the experience of seeking help for long-lasting symptoms only to be told that BII is a myth.

These patients are often left feeling helpless, with no answers for their symptoms or hope of feeling better. We created the BII Centers of Excellence Certification as a way for patients to quickly find aesthetic medical providers who conduct their operations in accordance with current best practices for the prevention and treatment of breast implant illness. The highly specialized surgical techniques utilized by Dr. Landon Pryor are at the core of BII Center of Excellence Certification, and those certified maintain strict adherence to compassion, expertise, and total wellness for each and every one of their patients. Our goal is to find and designate these practices across the country and around the world. The highly skilled BIICOE surgeons at these locations embrace the level of care, expertise, and commitment to producing amazing results that allow our patients to once again look and feel whole.

Experts Who Care

BII Centers of Excellence Providers

As a multi-faceted resource for patients with BII, we are here to help match you with a trusted surgical provider and assist you with the emotional aspect of your treatment. Our certified providers adhere to a stringent set of requirements to ensure that every patient receives the highest quality, compassionate care.

Dr. Aditya Sood, MD, MBA, FACS, Certified Surgical Provider

Dr. Aditya Sood is a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon with more than a decade of experience specializing in a broad range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures at New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Skokie, Il. A Chicago native, Dr. Sood is known for exquisite results and a personable and empathetic bedside manner.

BIICOE-Certified Patient Care Coordinators

From your initial consultation to the completion of your treatment and beyond, one of our Patient Care Coordinators will be there to assist you with navigating your journey to an optimally healthy and confident life. Patient advocate and BII expert Laura Bowden applies her personal experience to ensure that every aspect of your care gives you the support you need to feel comfortable and optimistic about your treatment.

BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford

Guidance On Your Journey

Decades of Research at Your Fingertips

Our patient advocate and care coordinator Laura Bowden has compiled a vast collection of informational sheets, videos, guidelines, and plans to give patients with BII optimal insight into their condition, treatment options, and recovery.

As a BII survivor and activist for BII awareness, Laura knows how overwhelming, emotional, and confusing this diagnosis can be. She has spent years speaking with other BII survivors and patients to gain an expert understanding of what this experience can entail. Based on that understanding, she has selected the most useful, up-to-date resources available to alleviate stress and empower patients.


Surgical Breast Implant Illness Procedures

The BII Treatment Center, founded by renowned surgeon Dr. Landon Pryor, provides innovative, caring, and highly skilled professional surgical solutions to those experiencing Breast Implant Illness and the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges that accompany this complex reality. We assist patients by providing the support necessary to navigate the explantation process and ultimately align you with the right provider for effective procedures to remove both the scar tissue capsule and the breast implant all at once without denigrating the integrity of the capsule during excision.

BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford
BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford

Designed For Your Best Life

Non-Surgical Breast Implant Illness Treatments

In addition to connecting you with experienced and compassionate surgeons, BII Centers of Excellence offer non-surgical treatments to support your overall wellness throughout every phase of your journey. This may include liquid IV treatments, pre and post-surgery support, and innovative solutions like TruDose regenerative therapy.

Every patient’s treatment is personalized to their unique needs. Learn more about TruDose and other non-surgical options available, and schedule your private consultation to begin designing your full-spectrum treatment plan with a qualified surgeon.

Patient Testimonials

BII Centers of Excellence: To Prevent and Cure Breast Implant Illness Rockford

“I had explant/en-bloc surgery with muscle repair and lift with Dr. Sood at Pryor Health. Dr. Sood is so caring and personable. He takes his time and explains everything to you, and is honest about what you should expect after surgery as far as the results. He is very knowledgeable, and I am very pleased with my results. I highly recommend him for Explant surgery. He is working with Landon Pryor at Pryor Health and performing more and more proper en-bloc surgeries to help women who are sick from implants get better by Explant. Your surgery is recorded for your viewing so you know exactly what he did as far as removing the entire capsule and such.” –vollyballjodi69, Rockford, IL, Total Capsulectomy patient.

“...After consultations with plastic surgeons who didn't believe BII truly existed, it was such a relief to find a doctor who listens to his patients and believes them! My first phone call with Laura made me feel confident I had found the right surgeon. Laura was there to support me through the entire process, between numerous phone calls, moving my surgical date up, and being there in person for all of my appointments. Every staff member was truly exceptional!...” –kalliemandala, Rockford, IL, Breast Implant Removal patient.

“I have had an amazing experience here- I am one week post explant, lift and fat transfer with Dr. and I’m very pleased with how truly WELL I feel. They treat you like family here- from the first phone call to the procedure and aftercare- I have felt heard, supported and well cared for. Laura is an amazing person and you can feel this from the first hug she gives you- she stands by your side through it all. I met Dr. Pryor at the first visit and it was a very thorough and comfortable consultation and I left feeling peaceful about my decision." – beesonka, Rockford, IL, Explant Surgery patient.

“This is a first-class surgery center. Both surgeons I met were A+. I had my surgery with Dr. Sood. He has a very good bedside manner and is a skilled surgeon. I also really liked the anesthesiologist and felt in very good hands with him. The staff is all intelligent and caring. Laura Bowden is amazing. The nurses called me back in 10 minutes when I had a post-op question.” –Anne Fair, Rockford, IL, Explant Surgery patient.

“My surgery was Jan 23, 4 weeks ago with the Dr. at Pryor Health. I’m absolutely thrilled and beyond grateful for his care and amazing work. I had an explant, lift, and fat transfer (taken from the back of my thighs), which is quite an undertaking! But I have to say, I felt complete peace and comfort in the hands of Dr. and knowing Laura was by my side, always watching over all of us every step of the way. Pryor Health is by far a Center of Excellence. Every single interaction with every single individual involved and all the processes and procedures pre and post-surgery have been exceptional — always with your best care and healing in mind. With a heart full of gratitude, appreciation, satisfaction, and peace — Thank You to the entire team!” –AkWhite07, Rockford, IL, Explant Surgery, Fat Transfer, & Breast Lift patient.

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We are here to support and guide you toward feeling, looking, and living whole again. Take the first step toward an exceptional treatment experience and exquisite results by reaching out to one of our care coordinators. We will connect you with a BIICOE-certified provider to help you get the help you need.

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