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Breast Implant Illness Patient Advocate Laura Bowden

Breast Implant Illness patient advocate Laura Bowden has spent the last three decades raising awareness of the problems associated with breast implant illness. In the 1990s, Bowden realized that something was wrong with her body after undergoing breast augmentation. However, with no existing studies about breast implant illness or official diagnosis, her doctors didn’t believe her.

After treating herself and overcoming obstacles due to a lack of understanding from the medical community, Bowden swore that she would do everything she could to help other women get the care they needed. She started a Facebook group for survivors, which now has hundreds of women who help each other through the painful decisions associated with BII treatment. After meeting plastic surgeon Dr. Landon Pryor, Bowden decided to team up with Pryor Health as a patient advocate. The Breast Implant Illness Centers of Excellence came into existence to help Bowden and Pryor connect patients with caring medical professionals who would take their concerns seriously.

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