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About Breast Implant Illness | BII Centers of Excellence

Diagnosing Breast Implant Illness (BII) can be a perplexing journey, often filled with frustration and uncertainty. The absence of specific diagnostic criteria and symptoms overlapping with other conditions adds to the complexity. To make matters more challenging, BII symptoms may appear long after implant surgery, leaving patients bewildered. The lack of objective testing and the influence of psychological factors can further hinder the diagnostic process. Each individual's unique reaction to different implant types adds another layer of complexity.

In this challenging landscape, seeking compassionate and experienced medical professionals becomes crucial to navigate through this journey and find answers that bring relief and understanding. BII Centers of Excellence provide comprehensive guidance and support for patients experiencing otherwise unexplained symptoms following breast augmentation with implants.

Understanding BII

What is Breast Implant Illness?

Breast Implant Illness (BII) is a term used to describe a range of symptoms and health issues that may be attributed to breast implants. Symptoms associated with breast implant illness can vary widely and may include fatigue, joint and muscle pain, cognitive difficulties, chronic inflammation, rashes, hair loss, and hormonal imbalances, among others. Because of the nature of these symptoms, BII is often misdiagnosed as an autoimmune disease.

The exact cause of these symptoms is not well understood, and scientific research on breast implant illness is ongoing. Some theories suggest that the symptoms may be related to an immune system response triggered by the presence of the implants, while others propose that there may be a specific gene that causes the inflammatory response.

It's important to note that many women with breast implants do not experience any symptoms or health issues immediately. However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks and complications associated with breast implants, and it's crucial for individuals considering or having concerns about breast implants to discuss them with a qualified healthcare professional.

Health is Beautiful.

What are the benefits of BII treatment?

Managing and treating breast implant illness requires a personalized approach based on your specific symptoms, concerns, and goals. While non-surgical therapies can help to reduce inflammation and other symptoms associated with BII, explant surgery offers long-term relief and enhanced quality of life. In addition to resolving health-related concerns, treatment from a reputable, patient-focused plastic surgeon can help you achieve your aesthetic goals so that you can live with optimal confidence and health.

Breast Implant Illness Symptoms & Treatment in Rockford & the greater Chicago area.

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Your BII Treatment Consultation

During your consultation with BII Centers of Excellence, we will assess your symptoms and medical history to determine if BII treatment can give you relief from your concerns. Based on your needs, we will help match you with a certified treatment provider, as well as provide you with resources for emotional support if needed.

Once you have been matched with a plastic surgeon, they will work with you to design your personalized treatment plan, including procedures such as a capsulectomy with fat transfer to restore fullness.

Your Personalized BII Treatment

Your Breast Implant Removal Procedure

A capsulectomy is a surgical procedure to remove breast implants and the surrounding capsule. Your breast implant removal surgery will begin with an incision along the previous scar or, in some cases, a new location. Your surgeon will carefully dissect the scar tissue capsule, separating it from the surrounding tissue. Then they will excise and remove the entire capsule. Afterward, the surgeon may perform additional procedures, such as fat transfer to the breasts or a breast lift, if desired. Lastly, they will close your incisions and provide appropriate post-operative instructions for your recovery.

Breast Implant Illness Symptoms & Treatment in Rockford & the greater Chicago area.

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BII Treatment Results

The goal of breast implant removal for BII is to eliminate unwanted symptoms at the source while delivering aesthetically beautiful results. BII patients are overwhelmingly satisfied with their decision to undergo treatment and often report a significantly improved quality of life.

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BII Treatment Recovery and Aftercare

The details of your recovery will depend on the extent of your treatment and other factors. During the planning phase of your treatment, your surgeon will provide you with all of the information you need to be prepared for your procedure and recovery. 

In addition to the instructions provided by your surgeon, our patient advocate, Laura Bowden, will be there to support you throughout every phase of your treatment.

Breast Implant Illness Frequently Asked Questions

BII can present itself through a broad spectrum of symptoms, including but not limited to fatigue, joint and muscle pain, trouble with memory and concentration, sleep problems, rashes, depression and anxiety, hair loss, dry mouth or eyes, headaches, and gastrointestinal problems.

BII can appear immediately after implantation or years later. It is important to be mindful of your body and any potential BII symptoms so that you can make the most informed decision about your implants.

Reclaim Your Health & Confidence

We are here to support and guide you toward feeling, looking, and living whole again. Take the first step toward an exceptional treatment experience and exquisite results by reaching out to one of our care coordinators. We will connect you with a BIICOE-certified provider to help you get the help you need.

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